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Digital Ham Radio

This past year, I’ve been dabbling more in the digital voice modes for ham radio. I really like the digital audio quality and, I’ll admit, the networking aspect of it all is keeping me interested. I’ve just added a page … Continue reading

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My HamRadioNow Interview Part 2

Just completed Part 2 of a video interview on HamRadioNow with host and producer Gary Pearce KN4AQ. This time around, we’re talking about the Internet and ham radio. Non-hams might also enjoy this though, as we discuss quite a few general web … Continue reading

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Get on the Air!

My recent video interview on HamRadioNow has generated a few questions on ham radio. For those folks wanting more info, I’ve just added a new Get on the Air tab on my website with links to explain what it’s all … Continue reading

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A Video Conversation Covering 50 Years

Fifty years ago, I had just gotten my ham radio license and was working local hams with my $45 Heathkit radio and homemade coat hanger antenna. One of the first guys I talked to was Gary Pearce, WN9NSO, located in a … Continue reading

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50 Years later, Ode to a Radio

2014 marks fifty years since I passed my “beginner” ham radio license exam. The Novice class license required a Morse code send and receive test at very slow speed, and a multiple choice exam on basic electronics and ham radio … Continue reading

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D-Star: A New Kind of Ham Radio

I’ve been a radio guy all my life. I passed my amateur “ham” radio license exam about the same time I passed my driver’s license test, and have been happily sending signals into the sky since then. The past ten … Continue reading

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