A Video Conversation Covering 50 Years

Fifty years ago, I had just gotten my ham radio license and was working local hams with my $45 Heathkit radio and homemade coat hanger antenna. One of the first guys I talked to was Gary Pearce, WN9NSO, located in a nearby suburb. We had a lot in common, so we often chatted on the radio in the evenings throughout high school and college.

Gary and I later served together on the board of directors of the Chicago FM Club and then headed in different directions. Gary went on to a career in broadcast and video production in North Carolina shortly, and my new wife and I moved to Texas.

Recently, Gary and I ran into each other on the Internet and he asked to interview me for his long running video podcast series HamRadioNow.  We had planned to chat about social media and the Internet, but veered off into swapping stories about the “old days” on ham radio.ARVN-6

Hams (especially older ones) will get a kick out of this video, but anyone wondering what it was like “growing up on the radio” in the 60’s might enjoy the video stream. There were quite a few interesting characters on the air with us back then. 


We’re planning a Part Two soon where we’ll actually talk about the Internet.



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Retired Corporate Communications manager for a Fortune 500 defense and electronics contractor. Still obsessed with social media, computers and ham radio (callsign N5CSU).
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