One Year Out, but who’s counting…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I hung up the old Raytheon badge on my 30th anniversary with the company, and headed to the lake full time.

Although I had been looking forward to this for a long time, I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be enough to keep me occupied.  But, as my friend Jim Hester had told me, “you won’t believe how busy you’ll be.”  He was sure right about that.

Of course, via the Internet, I remain in touch with many of my colleagues and friends at Raytheon around the world. Otherwise, I would really feel cut off from so many of my friends!

For those that are wondering what I’ve been up to since dropping off the Raytheon RSpace grid, I offer this short synopsis.

The transition to retirement has allowed me time to take on projects where I thought I could make a difference. I took on the presidency of our local property owners association, the Harbor Point POA. Of course, I started a President’s blog on the web site I manage for them. Major tasks have been to streamline the record-keeping  moving mass emails to a free system (, transitioning the membership records from Access to Excel, moving mailing to a mass mailer, and transitioning all our records to the cloud (Dropbox).

Leslie accepted the Neighborhood Watch volunteer position for our POA and also coordinates the activities. We’re trying to get more people connected and active in the POA, which has hundreds of members but most not involved. She has started several new activities that are enjoying good attendance!

In researching crime statistics, I stumbled across, and brought it to the attention of our Police Chief here in Gun Barrel City (GBC). Within a month, the city had it installed and made it available to residents!

I also joined the Leadership Cedar Creek Lake class of 2012, sponsored by the Greater Cedar Creek Lake Chamber of Commerce.  We meet monthly in different cities, where we learn more about local government, health care, education and economic development. So much of this is new to me that it’s been quite an eye-opener.  

A month ago, Leslie ran across an innovative litter control program on the Internet. It’s called Reverse Litter and an initiative within it Ten on Tuesday.  What a great concept! She and I pitched it to the GBC Beautification Committee, where they enthusiastically adopted it as an initiative. We jointly presented to the GBC Chamber chapter last week, and it will be go before the GBC City Council next week. We’re looking forward to rolling it out citywide!

Ham radio has been my avocation since high school, and this past year I’ve been able to devote more time to it. Though I still don’t have my dream “antenna farm” (and never will on our small lakefront lot), I can operate all bands now, and have been dabbling with more digital modes. I accepted the Public Information Officer position for the local  Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club and, of course, set up a web site for them.

Just recently, I accepted a voluntary position as Emergency Coordinator for Amateur Radio Emergency Services here in Henderson County.  In this post, I coordinate the planning for use of ham radio during local emergencies including SKYWARN. It’s a great chance to work with County officials and the ham community, especially the two active clubs in the county. Very interesting work, and of course, one more website.

Well, that’s about it. I had promised to blog more but have just been too busy!

Let’s keep in touch! Any mode will do… Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or ham radio (Echolink node 820121).

73 from TX!


About richcasey

Retired Corporate Communications manager for a Fortune 500 defense and electronics contractor. Still obsessed with social media, computers and ham radio (callsign N5CSU).
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