– 30 –

I recently posted this on RSpace, the internal social networking system at work:

The term -30- has been used for many years by journalists to indicate the end of the story.  This February, it will hold a special meaning for me, as I celebrate 30 years with Raytheon. And, with that milestone, I’ll also be retiring! 

Until that time, I’ll continue what I‘m doing, plus aid in the transition to the new Communications departmental model that we are introducing in IIS. 

Of course, after I leave here, I hope to remain in touch with many of you via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and whatever the next big thing is. And, I am looking forward to having the time to update my blog. 

Ok, we’ll have plenty of time reminisce. Now back to work…. 
– Rich

Yes, and I really will begin updating my blog!


About richcasey

Retired Corporate Communications manager for a Fortune 500 defense and electronics contractor. Still obsessed with social media, computers and ham radio (callsign N5CSU).
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