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This venerable Casey’s Place blog, first begun on StarText back in 1982, is now hosted on  StarText, which actually predated the web by several years, was a pioneering online system in Dallas/Fort Worth; I was one of its first volunteer columnists, as we called ourselves back then.

When the web took off, I jumped to a local provider in Dallas, then to GeoCities, later to Blogger, and now to WordPress. I’m very impressed with the templates, tools and options, but especially enjoy the iPhone app, which will allow me to blog and post photos directly.  I’ve already migrated both my local ham radio club and our neighborhood’s Property Owners Association from hand crafted web sites to WordPress.

The majority of my activity these days is via Twitter, so my latest tweets will always be here (and forwarded to Facebook).  But, I have a lot to learn about and will share as I go.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop in a comment!

– Rich


About richcasey

Retired Corporate Communications manager for a Fortune 500 defense and electronics contractor. Still obsessed with social media, computers and ham radio (callsign N5CSU).
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